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International Affiliates and Partners of NILD

International Affiliates and Partners

NILD-trained and certified Educational Therapists are helping students with learning disabilities in 16 countries. Our affiliate and partner organizations in several countries provide training to educators, as well as educational therapy to students.

International Affiliates

NILD CanadaNILD Canada
Christian Academy of GuatemalaGuatemala
NILD Guatemala

NILD Hungary
Alpha to Omega Learning Centre IndiaIndia
Alpha to Omega
Learning Centre
NILD MexicoNILD Mexico
NILD PhillipinesNILD Philippines
[Alpha to Omega Learning Centre Singapore
Alpha to Omega - Singapore
NILD South AfricaNILD South Africa

NILD Zimbabwe




Welcome to NILD

Whatever the reason that brought you to our website ~ we are glad you have found us! NILD’s website was designed for you – the seeker, the parent, the educator – to get accurate information on learning disabilities, dyslexia, and […]

Benefits of Cursive Handwriting

Handwriting is Boeing 747 Technology

One of the most hotly debated topics in education these days is the issue of handwriting.  Mr. Shapiro, a journalist for the Washington Post, wrote an article titled “Cursive Foiled by Technology” on April 4, 2013.  The handwriting/keyboarding debate is […]

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Join NILD’s New Online Workshop!

Learn how to become an NILD Teletherapist! November 30, 2017 (4pm-6pm Eastern). Click here for more information and to register. REACH students who are homebound, geographically remote or otherwise not able to engage in face-to-face therapy […]

ACSI Affinity Partner Program

ACSI Affinity Partnership

ACSI proudly presents its Strategic Partnership Program, which includes companies carefully chosen to benefit ACSI members schools and to assist these schools in accomplishing their life-changing missions. ACSI’s goal is to proactively build long-term relationships with entities that […]


December 7th Webinar ~ Memory: A Key Executive Function Process in Learning

Join us for this exciting 90-minute NILD webinar as Dr. Surina Basho discusses memory, a key executive function process, and explores: *The Parts of Memory *Memory and Learning *Memory Difficulties *Memory Interventions Save the date and stay tuned for registration […]