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December Webinar – Reading & Reaching Your Students

Reading & Reaching Your Students

Why is it that with some students everything seems to “click” but other students are such a struggle to understand or reach? They are physically present, but their souls seem to be elsewhere. As an educator or educational therapist, we have goals we need to reach with our students but our relationship with those who struggle can make the all the difference. In this webinar we will explore the application of the therapeutic alliance from the field of counseling as it relates to our work with students.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the relational dynamics that affect a student’s availability for learning.
  • Learn the basics of active listening skills that counselors use to enable a student to feel heard.

Featuring Donna Weston, CDT, PCET
Donna Weston is Founder and Executive Director of Discovery Therapies, Inc. (DTI, She is not only an educator, educational therapist, NILD Board Member, and NILD Instructor, but is also a parent of a learning disabled and ADHD son. Donna started her educational therapy career in private practice, always with the vision of reaching the wider community through a clinic, which she started as her own private business in 2006, hiring her first two educational therapists and part time administrative staff by 2007. In 2010, she founded the nonprofit organization DTI, transferring all equity and services from her business to the nonprofit. Much of her and her staff’s efforts have been devoted to developing not only the best intervention services, but also establishing the processes and procedures that make DTI a highly reputable clinic in the metro Columbia, SC area.


December 19th at 12 noon EST, Priced at $35
Registration closes 12/19 at 11:30am EST

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