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Your gifts to these memorial funds help us expand our reach to improve the lives of students with learning disabilities and difficulties.

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein Memorial Fund

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein Memorial Fund

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein 1921-2014



All gifts will be used 100% for FIE workshop scholarships & instructor training.

Professor Feuerstein (1921 – 2014) was the Founder and Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute. He was a clinical, developmental and cognitive psychologist renowned for his groundbreaking work in demonstrating that intelligence is not fixed but modifiable.

In 1992, Professor Feuerstein was awarded the Israel Prize for Social Sciences. In 2012, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. For more than 50 years, and in over 80 countries, Professor Feuerstein’s theories and applied systems have been implemented in both clinical and classroom settings. Professor Feuerstein’s theory on the malleability of intelligence has led to more than 2,000 scientific research studies and countless case studies with various populations.

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) workshops provide educators and therapists with the ability to systematically develop the cognitive functioning of students and patients.

Dr. Rosa Hagin Memorial Fund

Dr. Rosa Hagin Memorial Fund

Dr. Rosa Hagin 1921-2014




All gifts will be used 100% for Search and Teach© workshop scholarships & instructor training.

Dr. Hagin (1921 – 2014) was an educational psychologist, teacher and advocate for children and adults with learning disabilities. In her early years she taught in the demonstration school of Trenton State College, which was her alma mater. She later returned to New York University where she received her Doctorate in Educational Psychology. She completed an internship at Bellevue Hospital and continued her work there for several years where her primary role was research.

She, along with Archie Silver, M.D., developed Search and Teach©, an early childhood assessment and intervention program, which was validated by the U.S. Department of Education’s Joint Dissemination Review Panel. Their research has been reported in a recently published book, “Disorder of Learning in Childhood,” and in 77 papers.

During her career, Dr. Hagin also worked for the American Psychological Association, Fordham University, and served in various capacities with the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Throughout her life, Dr. Hagin maintained a private practice for children and adults with learning disabilities.

Donna Borges Memorial Fund

Donna Borges Memorial Fund

Donna Borges 1955 – 2011




Loving wife, faithful mother of two grown sons, missionary, and mentor to many young women, Donna began working for NILD’s Discovery Program as an Educational Therapist in 2007. Donna had a passion to reach at-risk children and was instrumental in the launch of Newsome Bailey Academy, a donor-funded program that provides NILD Educational Therapy for inner-city children in Newport News, VA. Donna is fondly remembered for always encouraging educators to take NILD Educational Therapist training and her Memorial Fund will be used to provide scholarships to this end.

Jamie Evans Memorial Fund

Jamie Evans Memorial Fund

Jamie Evans 1959 – 2010




Jamie was a gifted teacher, author, and preacher. He cherished, and was adored by, his wife and two teenage children. Early in his childhood, Jamie was diagnosed with a unique combination of severe learning disabilities. His developmental psychologist told Jamie that he was extraordinarily bright but would need to work twice as hard as other kids. Jamie took these words to heart and relied on determination, faith, discipline, and the help of encouraging parents and teachers to overcome his disabilities. Jamie graduated from the College of Wooster, Ohio and Princeton Theological Seminary and was ordained as a Presbyterian minister. He authored a book, An Uncommon Gift, about his journey overcoming learning disabilities, and became a regular speaker at conferences for the learning disabled, including NILD Conferences.

At the family’s request, all donations to the Jamie Evans Memorial Fund will be used to provide scholarships for children who struggle with a learning disability. While supplies last, donors to this Memorial Fund will receive a free copy of Jamie’s book.

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