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Anderson, Terrel
Barber, Anne
Barbour, Kristin & Richard
Barcroft, Diane
Becker, Edna
Birdsong Charitable Foundation
Buma, Mia
Bunch, Nettie
Central Association of FL Therapists
Cheek, Louise
Cook, Wanda
Ewing, Tim & Janette
Faynik, Claudee
Fleming, Elizabeth
Walker, Edwin & Mary Lee
Furrow, Beverley
Gill, Ann
Gillette, Vesta
Graham, Esther
Grimm, Beth
Hale, Deborah
Hartung, Brad & Susan
Hildebrand, Donna & Jonathan
Hofmann, Eve
Holmes, Cheryl
Hopkins, Kathleen & Ralph
Hutton, Andie (Silicon Valley Foundation)
Keafer, Dr. Kathy
Kenney, Becky
Kimber Hills Academy
Kral, Carol
The Learning Station (Sherry Burke)
Liebold, Kelly
McCullough, Larry
Moses, Cynthia
National Christian Foundation
Norman, Ramona
Northup, David H.
Olson, Cheryl
Osborne, Donna
Parrott, Nancy
Patrick, Melissa
Perry, Patricia & Douglas
Petru, Greg
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Rogers, Lois
Sawanowich, Linda
Schaubert, Lynn
Smith, Susan
Spangler, Donella
St. Matthew’s School
Stokley, Nancy
Sundquist, Kelly
TowneBank Foundation
United Way of the National Capital Area
Vincent, Bret & Beth
Whisler, Anita
Wilke, Lorri
Wise, Tracy
Wolters, Karen
Yates, Elizabeth

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Welcome to NILD

Whatever the reason that brought you to our website ~ we are glad you have found us! NILD’s website was designed for you – the seeker, the parent, the educator – to get accurate information on learning disabilities, dyslexia, and […]

Benefits of Cursive Handwriting

Handwriting is Boeing 747 Technology

One of the most hotly debated topics in education these days is the issue of handwriting.  Mr. Shapiro, a journalist for the Washington Post, wrote an article titled “Cursive Foiled by Technology” on April 4, 2013.  The handwriting/keyboarding debate is […]

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Join NILD’s New Online Workshop!

Learn how to become an NILD Teletherapist! September 28, 2017 (4pm-6pm Eastern). Prerequisites: Successful completion of NILD Level II course. Online registration will be available soon.

ACSI Affinity Partner Program

ACSI Affinity Partnership

ACSI proudly presents its Strategic Partnership Program, which includes companies carefully chosen to benefit ACSI members schools and to assist these schools in accomplishing their life-changing missions. ACSI’s goal is to proactively build long-term relationships with entities that thoughtfully align with the […]