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Overview of Educational Therapy Training

NILD offers a broad range of training options for educational therapists and educators serving students with learning disabilities and challenges.  NILD’s training methods are accredited by the International Dyslexia Association and The Feuerstein Institute.

These courses and professional development opportunities qualify for continuing education units (CEUs). NILD requires NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapists (PCETs) to complete specified professional development requirements to maintain annual certification. NILD also awards CEUs to individuals who are not educational therapists but who have participated in an NILD learning opportunity such as a course, workshop or online webinar. NILD issues certificates of participation with the associated hours of instruction for individuals to use as evidence of completion of continuing education requirements for their individual schools and/or certification organizations.


NILD offers several courses and workshops to help educators understand and meet the needs of students with learning challenges of all kinds.  Our training methods are research-based, effective and are accredited by the International Dyslexia Association and The Feuerstein Institute.

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NILD offers schools and educators in-service workshops in educational therapy strategies and the impact of learning differences in various educational settings.  These workshops are conducted by NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapists and last from 1 hour to a full day, depending on the topic.  We can also tailor a topic to your organization’s needs.

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NILD conferences are held around the country typically during the October through March timeframe usually in 2 – 3 day formats. These training events are designed to provide on-going professional development for NILD educational therapists and to give all educators and parents a better understanding of learning disabilities and NILD Educational Therapy®.

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NILD partners with two universities to offer masters degrees in NILD Educational Therapy®. These two masters programs are exciting opportunities to earn degree credits while gaining the tools needed to meet the needs of struggling learners! Regent University offers a Master of Education Degree with Emphasis in NILD Educational Therapy®Southeastern University offers a Master of Education in Exceptional Student Education – NILD Educational Therapy®.

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NILD offers webinars featuring experts and top educators addressing current topics in the field of learning disabilities.  Information is provided on a wide range of topics, from young child development to understanding reading to the reading brain, understanding assessments, and making math count.

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Welcome to NILD

Whatever the reason that brought you to our website ~ we are glad you have found us! NILD’s website was designed for you – the seeker, the parent, the educator – to get accurate information on learning disabilities, dyslexia, and […]

Benefits of Cursive Handwriting

Handwriting is Boeing 747 Technology

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December Webinar – Reading & Reaching Your Students

Reading & Reaching Your Students Why is it that with some students everything seems to “click” but other students are such a struggle to understand or reach? They are physically present, but their souls seem to […]

December Telepractice Workshop

Maintaining the standards and procedures of each educational therapy session is crucial, so this training will focus on specific guidelines for how the integrity of NILD techniques can be maintained in a virtual setting. Therapists will see […]

ADHD Coordination and Balance of the Brain – October Webinar

With ADHD, sometimes the brain can have imbalances in the nervous system causing dis-regulation in focus and attention. Using techniques that help increase balance, coordination, crossing midline, and timing, children and adults with ADHD can become […]

Announcing Our South-Central Regional Conference

We are happy to introduce our 2019 South-Central regional conference in TX.  Social-Emotional Development: Addressing the Non-Cognitive Factors that Shape Thinking and Learning January 10-12, 2019 at The Woodlands Christian Academy, 5800 Academy Way, The Woodlands, TX 77384    Register […]