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Master’s Degree in NILD Educational Therapy®

NILD currently partners with two universities to offer graduate degrees that incorporate NILD’s Level I, II and III courses as part of each degree’s requirements.

Watch these brief intro videos about each program:

Regent University video intro

Southeastern University video intro

Regent University

Regent University offers an online Master of Education Degree with emphasis in NILD Educational Therapy®. This is an exciting opportunity to earn degree credits while gaining the tools needed to meet the needs of struggling learners. Please see the approved degree plan to give you an overview of the course requirements and how NILD Educational Therapy Levels I, II, and III fit into Regent’s graduate degree program. The program is housed under the Individualized Degree Plan (IDP). When applying to the program, please apply to the Individualized Degree Plan and make a note of interest in the Educational Therapy concentration. Questions? Please contact     Click here for a brief video about Regent University’s Ed Therapy masters program

Southeastern University

Southeastern University also offers an online Master of Education in Exceptional Student Education – NILD Educational Therapy®. Southeastern’s Master of Education in in ESE with a concentration in NILD Educational Therapy prepares educators to help students discover their potential through an individualized, therapeutic approach. Southeastern University’s Master’s Degree is unique, as the College of Education (COE) is able to offer retro-graduate credit for a nominal fee for NILD educational therapists who completed any or all of the three levels of training, but did not receive graduate credit at the time.  Additionally, the COE will transfer in any credits that were received for completing the training courses through another university. The flexibility of learning online allows you to schedule your studies around your life. The program is ideal for educators who desire to advance their effectiveness, knowledge and employability. Click here to learn how to apply for Southeastern’s graduate degree program. Questions? Please contact Dr. Susan Stanley at Southeastern University,

Watch this brief intro video about SEU

Click here for a brief video about SEU’s Ed Therapy masters program

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Last fall, I began a M.Ed. with an emphasis on NILD educational therapy from Regent. Due to time constraints, I can only do one class a semester. The fall class and current class have been well worth the financial investment. Additionally, everyone I have needed to interact with at the school has been most gracious and helpful. I am pretty “technology challenged”. Professors, library staff, administration and help desk have gone out of their way to help me as needed. Education at a Christian school is such a blessing.

Kayleen Nichols Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET) October 30, 2014



Level I

Level I is an introduction to the general field of learning disabilities and provides foundational training in the philosophy and techniques of NILD Educational Therapy®. The course prepares participants to begin giving educational therapy as interns (all NILD educational therapists are considered interns until certification).


  • Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field

Level II

Level II provides a review of introductory NILD Educational Therapy® techniques and introduces a series of techniques for advanced students to include mediated learning and questioning skills.


  • Successful completion of Level I within the last three (3) years
  • Minimum one year experience with one student – minimum 200 contact hours
  • Proof of attendance to at least one (1)  NILD regional conference in the last two (2) years
  • Proof of attendance to at least two (2) NILD or related field webinars

Level III

Level III develops mastery skills and provides an in-depth study of mediation, cognitive functions and information processing within NILD Educational Therapy® techniques


  • Minimum of 200 student contact hours
  • Successful completion of Levels I and II (completed Level II within the last three (3) years)
  • Proof of attendance to at least one (1)  NILD regional conference in the last two (2) years
  • Proof of attendance to at least two (2) NILD or related field webinars

Training courses are 4-week online graduate level work and 1-week graduate level residency work offered in the summer at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and at selected international sites.

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