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May 17th Webinar: Building a Conceptual Understanding in Math Block presented by Shari Pyle, MS, PCET, CDT

Live Webinar event: May 17th, 11am EST
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Webinar Description:
Math Block requires a delicate balance between intentionality and reciprocity. According to Dr. Meir Ben Hur the development of mathematics depends on environments that are rich in language, encourage thinking, support exploration, and value uniqueness. This webinar will begin with an overview of the critical cognitive functions related to mathematics. It will continue with identifying four criteria that can act as a framework for scaffolding during Math Block, and will close with innovative ways to connect concrete mathematical concepts to abstract representations.

About our presenter:
Shari Pyle MS, NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist, IDA Certified Dyslexia Therapist, & FIE Cognitive Practitioner
Shari has been an NILD educational therapist for 18 years. During her 30 years as an educator she has been dedicated to assisting and motivating adults and children in reaching their fullest potential both academically, physically and cognitively. Her experience includes instructing large groups, small groups, and individuals in a variety of venues including colleges, communities, public and private schools, as well as, virtual-conference teletraining and one-on-one teletherapy. In addition to being an NILD
professionally certified educational therapist, an IDA certified dyslexia therapist
and a certified Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment practitioner, her additional experiences include adjunct college professor, International workshop presenter, curriculum developer, DPI team member, NILD instructor, community health educator, and cognitive enrichment trainer for the aging. Shari has also co-created NILD’s Rx 4 Discovery Math, Time 4 Discovery Math, and Rx for Discovery Writing programs, and is the co-author of NILD’s Mediating Math Student Workbook series.

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