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Featured: FIE Standard II - EST

06-03-2024 | 15:00 PM (EDT) | Virtual | $1,195.00


Priced at $1,195 (includes materials)

NILD is a Feuerstein Institute Authorized Training Center (ATC). For more information about the work of Professor Reuven Feuerstein, go to:

To learn more about Instrumental Enrichment (IE), go to the Feuerstein website.

“The FIE training has brought depth to my NILD techniques.  The two complement each other and enhance a student’s learning potential.”

~Jennifer Smith, PCET from Bellevue Christian School, WA~


Participants will continue study of the theoretical aspects of IE and will receive instruction and practice in preparing an IE lesson, as well as comprehensive instruction in the materials and didactics of five of the Instruments from the IE Program: Categorization, Family Relations, Temporal Relations, Instructions, and Illustrations.

Successful completion of FIE Standard Level I.