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Attention Adrift

“We live in a world of distraction,” declares Maryanne Wolf in her book Reader, Come Home. The truth of this resonates with me. I often feel as though my day was too short, I didn’t achieve half of what I had hoped, and I am weary beyond what is warranted. Seemingly unending emails, constant text messages, and a plethora of social media with which I will not engage…how can a person keep up and live any kind of life? I wonder if the demands of being ‘connected’ ensure that one cannot connect to oneself….

NILD History

In 2002, following NILD’s 20th anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors approved the development of Discovery Program, Inc., a community-based model to serve students outside private school settings.

Job Listings

Embrace your passion and find a job in educational therapy.

  • Full Time Educational Therapist

    Clinton Grace Christian School, Clinton, MD

    Full time with benefits!

  • Part-time Educational Therapist

    Immanuel Christian School, Springfield, VA

    Springfield, Virginia

  • Educational Therapist Needed

    Coastline Christian Schools

    Alameda, CA

    Coastline Christian Schools K-8 is seeking applicants for an educational therapist. We are a Christian private school located in Alameda, California (near Oakland Airport). 

  • Full-time Educational Therapist Needed

    Cambridge Christian School

    Tampa, Florida

    Full-time NILD Educational Therapist needed.

    Cambridge Christian School, Tampa, Florida

    NILD Level 1 completion is required.

  • Full-Time Educational Therapist Needed

    SouthLake Christian Academy

    Huntersville, North Carolina

    SouthLake Christian Academy in Huntersville, NC, is seeking applicants for a full-time NILD therapist to join our Academic Development Center for the 2023-2024 school year.