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A Collaborative & Holistic Approach to Learning Support for Your School

NILDinside® equips your entire teaching staff to effectively educate diverse learners.

Become Known As An Inclusive School That Serves All Learners

NILD's innovative therapies benefit all learners. Our techniques and tools are designed to help the needs of all learners including those with unique learning challenges.

All teachers can benefit from the training we provide. Classroom teachers can use this knowledge to enrich their instruction and collaborate more effectively with specialists who work with neurodiverse learners.

NILDinside® will help your school foster a holistic learning environment facilitating well-being and a sense of belonging, meeting the needs of all students. 

Attract families and educators who seek a positive, inclusive learning environment.

Strengthen your internal staff culture with a more collaborative approach.

Deliver holistic education that fosters academic, social, and emotional development.

Cultivate efficient learning processes, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Establish a positive reputation in your community.

Specific Trainings Offered With NILDinside®

RX 4 Discovery Reading®

Fundamentals and Standard

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RX 4 Discovery Writing©

Fundamentals and Standard

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RX 4 Discovery Math©

I and II

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Search & Teach©

Early Identification and Intervention

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Spelling: Linking Reading & Writing

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NILD Levels I, II, and III Educational Therapy® Training

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Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment

Basic and Standard 1, 2, and 3

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Professional Development

Based on the needs of faculty

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Program Development

Consultation services to assist in the design and development of multi-tiered systems of support

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Annual Conference

Additional Benefits For Your School:

Deeper Discounts on NILD Materials, Courses, and Conferences

Prioritized and Private Training Opportunities

Free subscription to professional learning community forum

Career Building Tools: Get Listed on our "Find A Therapist" page, advertise position openings, spotlight your credentials, and use the NILD name and logo for brand awareness, advertising, and marketing.

Are you ready?

Better support your Parents, Students and Staff

Replace this...

  • Not knowing how to help families of children with learning challenges

  • Unsure what training and resources to give your teachers

  • Feeling like your school only provides learning band aids instead of true academic solutions

  • Feeling pressure to solve educational issues when you don't have solutions

  • Losing families because you can't meet their needs

With this!

  • Being confident that your school's learning support system is truly making a difference

  • Having peace of mind that every student and family is receiving the best educational support possible

  • Helping develop lifelong, independent learners in your school

  • Knowing your staff have the best tools and training available

  • Having an inclusive program that serves all family members

Other NILD Support Programs for Your School

Professional Development Workshops

Equip your teachers to better serve the diverse needs of your students. Our workshops cover educational therapy strategies for learners with challenges, and help build the understanding of the impact of learning differences in various educational settings.

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Discovery Program by NILD

Empower your school's learning specialists with NILD Professional Certification in Educational Therapy and licensing to offer the NILD Discovery Program. This specialized program allows your specialists to provide targeted support and interventions in your school.

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All students deserve the opportunity to become successful independent learners

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