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Learning Challenges The National Institute For Learning Development Addresses

Helping every child develop confidence and increase self-esteem in the learning process

NILD is designed to help learners with a variety of learning differences, including:


Neurodevelopmental disorder impacting focus, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.

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Condition affecting communication and social interaction behaviors.

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Learning disability causing difficulty in understanding and using numbers.

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Neurological disorder causing difficulty in writing coherently and accurately.

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Learning disorder characterized by difficulties with reading and spelling.

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Executive Function Disorder

A behavioral symptom that disrupts a person's ability to manage their own thoughts, emotions and actions.

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We provide a variety of resources for those working with children who have learning challenges

  • Educators & Specialists

    Get the tools and the training you need to help students with learning challenges. Become a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist and receive CEUs to advance your teaching career.

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  • Schools

    Bring NILDInside’s Discovery Program to your school and equip your teachers to better serve families and students with learning differences.

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  • Parents

    Find A therapist who can help your child become a confident, independent learner and get training to support your child's learning.

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  • Donors

    Make a lifetime difference in the lives of students with learning differences by supporting NILD.

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Providing every child a safe place to learn...

Replace this...

  • Children not keeping up in school

  • Students getting lost in the educational system

  • Learning challenges not being addressed at the root issue, only receiving band aid solutions

  • Expectations and true potential not being reached

  • Feelings of embarassment and frustration

With this!

  • Students receiving support from the best educational therapy system in the world

  • Children growing in self-esteem and confidence

  • Students learning to think independently and solve problems on their own

  • Children leaving the education system with the skills they need to succeed in life

All students deserves the opportunity to become successful independent learners