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NILD Certification Level Courses

Transform your career: Earn certification as a NILD Educational Therapist, with optional Master's Degree paths through Regent or Southeastern University.

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Prepares new educational therapists to identify and assess students' learning needs, and to create and implement individual educational therapy plans using NILD techniques tailored to educational goals.

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Provides a review of Introductory NILD Educational Therapy® Techniques and introduces a series of techniques for advanced students to include mediated learning and questioning skills.

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Level III enhances mastery skills with a deep dive into mediation, cognitive functions, and information processing in NILD Educational Therapy®. It advances the use of psychological and educational assessments to uncover cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and deepens understanding of Level I & II techniques.

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Masters in Educational Therapy

Complete all 3 Course Certification levels and get a Master's Degree at Regent or Southeastern University.

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Why Get Trained as an Educational Therapist?

Learn more about Educational Therapy, what it means professionally, and training options for becoming an Educational Therapist. 

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