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Why Get Trained as an Educational Therapist?

What is Educational Therapy
What it Means Professionally
Training Options

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What is Educational Therapy?

Educational Therapy is a specialized intervention that addresses the underlying cognitive processes that affect learning.

✔ Focuses on underlying cognitive skills essential for effective learning.

✔ Tailored strategies addressing each learner's unique needs.

✔ Utilizes research-backed methods to enhance thinking and problem-solving abilities.

✔ Individualized assessments guide the therapy, tracking progress and adjustments.

✔ Aims for lasting improvements in confidence, academic performance, and cognitive development.

What does becoming an Educational Therapist mean professionally?

Educational Therapists are recognized as specialists equipped to foster significant cognitive and academic growth in students who face learning difficulties, positioning them as key contributors to the field of education.

Becoming an Educational Therapist signifies a commitment to deeply understanding and addressing learning challenges. It's a role that combines the rigor of scientific research with the art of personalized teaching, aiming to transform students' educational experiences. 

✔ Equip yourself with cutting-edge skills and resources.

✔ Gain professional credibility from a reputable institution like NILD.

✔ Access professional development tools and continued education credits.

✔ Explore opportunities for furthering education with master's degree options.

✔ Enjoy discounts on NILD materials and training.

✔ Feature on our "Find A Therapist" page, showcasing credentials.

✔ Leverage NILD's brand for marketing and awareness.

How to Get Trained as a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist

NILD offers a structured training program consisting of three course levels, each building upon the previous one, enhancing the therapist’s skills in assessing, planning, and implementing specialized educational therapy plans. Upon completion, one will become a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist. 

NILD Level I Training

The Level I course equips beginning educational therapists with the tools used to identify and assess student’s learning needs. Create and implement individual educational therapy plans utilizing the NILD techniques specific to educational goals for students.

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NILD Level II Training

The Level II course will build upon prior knowledge and equip the educational therapist to more effectively implement NILD techniques, from the ability to question students effectively to interpreting test results with emphasis upon prescribing an appropriate individualized program and more.

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NILD Level III Training

The Level III course will equip the educational therapist to more effectively implement NILD techniques by having an understanding of cognitive functions, cognitive modifiability, and mediated learning. After completion, become a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist. 

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"I am so humbled to be a part of what NILD is doing. We were given excellent examples of how to be intentional (and fun) in Educational Therapy without sacrificing the excellence that comes with NILD." 

NILD Educational Therapist, PCET

"I feel as if I have been given a land bridge to creativity and can truly tailor my NILD Educational Therapy to each of my students."

Teacher, NILD PCET

Master’s Degree in NILD Educational Therapy®

NILD currently partners with two universities to offer graduate degrees that incorporate NILD’s Level I, II and III courses as part of each degree’s requirements.

Regent University

Regent University offers an online Master of Education Degree with emphasis in NILD Educational Therapy®. This is an exciting opportunity to earn degree credits while gaining the tools needed to meet the needs of struggling learners. See the degree plan for an overview of the course requirements and how the NILD courses fit into Regent’s graduate degree program.

When applying to the program, apply to the Individualized Degree Plan and make a note of interest in the Educational Therapy concentration.

As an added bonus, NILD licensed therapists enjoy a 20% tuition discount on Regent University courses.  The Regent University sponsored discount applies to any non-NILD related courses offered by Regent and is available only to currently licensed NILD therapists or potential therapists enrolled in a NILD level training course. This discount ceases when/if you do not renew your NILD license or if you do not continue past NILD level I training.

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Southeastern University

Southeastern University offers an online Master of Education in Educational Therapy. Southeastern’s Master of Education Educational Therapy prepares educators to help students discover their potential through an individualized, therapeutic approach.

Additionally, the COE will transfer in any credits that were received for completing the training courses through another university. The flexibility of learning online allows you to schedule your studies around your life. The program is ideal for educators who desire to advance their effectiveness, knowledge, and employability.

Click here to learn how to apply for Southeastern’s graduate degree program.

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