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What Is NILD Educational Therapy?

Since its beginning in 1973, the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) has focused on getting to the root of various learning disabilities by developing four key components of every student's learning: cognition, perception, academics, & emotions.

By building new and efficient learning processes in students, we help children learn to think and solve problems independently. 

NILD focuses on root learning issues

NILD is more than traditional tutoring. Tutoring often focuses only on subject matter content, while NILD's therapies use subject matter as the learning vehicle to develop cognition and confidence. We focus on root learning issues, helping learners overcome these issues by developing new learning paths.

Our therapies address the underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than simply treating the symptoms. We offer true educational therapy through individualized training.

Our goal is to help every student become a confident and independent learner who is prepared to succeed in life.

NILD's Accreditations
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About Our Logo

NILD's logo, the figure eight, represents four key components developed through NILD educational therapy- cognition, perception, emotion and academics.


In order to make sense of the world around us, to give meaning to our experiences and to develop the ability to learn new information, we are dependent upon our cognition. Cognition refers to thinking processes such as reasoning, reflecting, attaching meaning, remembering and evaluation.


This refers to how we receive and process information whether through sight, sound, touch, movement, smell or taste. We must perceive information correctly in order for the brain to process the world around us.


The way we feel about the world around us, our relationships with others and our approach to life is largely impacted by our emotions. Self confidence plays a key role in successful acquisition of new information, forming relationships and communicating our needs.


In order for students to successfully learn the required content and respond well to standards-driven instruction students must be taught "how to learn". Teaching a student how to learn creates independent learning skills that build competencies in cognition and processing so that the acquisition of academics becomes more efficient and effective.

Our Team

  • Kristin Barbour
    EdD, CCC-SLP, Professionally Certified Educational Therapist

    Executive Director

    Kristin’s passion is bringing life-long learning to life and developing independent learners. She is an internationally respected educator and keynote speaker. In addition to being an NILD educational therapist, Kristin is an authorized trainer in the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program. Prior to becoming NILD’s Executive Director, Kristin was the Director of Discovery Program, Inc (DPI) a community-based organization providing intervention services to students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, and ADHD in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Kristin has also worked as an inpatient speech-language pathologist at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. Kristin recently completed her EdD at Johns Hopkins University in the Mind, Brain, Teaching program.

  • Stephanie Ashworth
    MBA, CX

    Director of Operations

    Stephanie holds an MBA from Liberty University and is passionate about learning and business development.  She has nearly 25 years of business management and operations experience and is an advisory board member for the University of Richmond’s Customer Experience Program.  Stephanie has been married to Cameron for over 20 years and they have two wonderful children, Bella and Jonah.

  • Allison Jenson
    M.A., Professionally Certified Educational Therapist

    Program Development

    Allison seeks to impact the lives of all learners through education, and she is committed to equipping classroom teachers and educational therapists with the tools enabling them to unlock the potential in every student. During her 15 years as an educator, she has served as a classroom teacher, mentor teacher, educational therapist, school administrator, and NILD leadership team member. She is a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist and has 10 years of educational therapy experience. She is an instructor for NILD, teaching courses and presenting seminars and workshops nationally and internationally.

  • Wendy Bokmiller

    Curriculum Development Associate

    Wendy is passionate about equipping students with the ability to unlock their learning potential and develop skills for a lifetime of learning success. She has been involved in the field of Education for over 20 years. In addition to working as an Educational Therapist for the past 6 years, she has taught ESL, home schooled her 2 college-aged children and developed a variety of specialized learning classes. She is a licensed Educational Therapist who holds a BS in Psychology from Texas A & M University and a MAED from Regent University with a certification in ESL.

  • Monica Fraser

    Office Coordinator

    Monica Fraser has served as the Office Coordinator at NILD since 2016. Prior to joining the NILD team, she held retail management positions with the Dillards Corporation and served in development and fundraising in two Christian schools in the Milwaukee area. She holds a BA in Professional Studies with a concentration in Literature from Regent University. Monica is a mother of five with three grandchildren. Her youngest son received great benefits from NILD therapy. She and her husband live in Norfolk, VA.

  • Kim LeFevre

    Administrative Assistant

    Kim began her career as an NILD therapist in 2017.  She is passionate about helping children achieve their potential and encouraging them to grow in a love of learning.  She homeschooled both of her daughters and moved frequently during her husband’s military career.  In addition to providing educational therapy, she works at NILD as the office administrative assistant.

  • Kari Bondar
    M.Ed., Professionally Certified Educational Therapist

    School Engagement Specialist

    Kari has been in the field of education for nearly 30 years. She has been an elementary classroom teacher, an educational specialist for homeschool families, and is now a full-time Professionally Certified Educational Therapist at a private Christian school in Sacramento, CA. She also serves as an NILD Staff Instructor and School Engagement Specialist for NILDinside schools. She loves teaching new therapists in the level courses and is passionate about training educators to change students’ lives through both Rx 4 Discovery Math 1 & 2 and Executive Functions workshops. Kari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian from California State University, Sacramento, California, and an M.Ed. from Regent University. When she’s not working with students or therapists, you can find Kari playing board games, woodworking, or on the ballroom dance floor.

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