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November 2-3, 2023 - Suffolk, VA
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Conference Overview

Day One: Optional Pre-Conference Workshops 

If you are an educational therapist and want to deepen your skills, this day is for you! For this in-person training, you can choose between "Executive Functions" or "Spelling: Linking Reading and Writing." This day will end with an Open House at the NILD Headquarters. 

Day Two: Keynotes & Breakouts

For those who are new to NILD or established educational therapists, hear from top experts in neurodiversity. Our lineup of esteemed speakers will shed light on the latest advancements, concepts, and practices shaping the future of cognitive learning.

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Day One | Nov 2nd: Optional Pre-Conference Workshops

Pick from one of the options below - $425

Executive Functions Workshop
Research indicates that strong EF (Executive Function) skills often predict academic success better than traditional intelligence measures. These skills, like planning, attention, and impulse control, are crucial for academic performance and self-motivation. Yet, they're seldom taught directly. This workshop will deepen your understanding of EF skills and offer practical methods to nurture their growth in students.

*NEW* Spelling: Linking Reading & Writing Workshop
Spelling is closely tied to reading and writing and can be a key indicator of learning disabilities, especially dyslexia. Many educators seek effective methods to boost students' spelling skills. NILD's workshop, "Spelling: Linking Reading & Writing," equips educators with tools to address spelling misconceptions, assess writing, and use a structured approach to enhance spelling abilities.

*Day one will end with an open house event at our NILD Headquarters from 6-8 pm

Day Two | Nov 3rd: Conference Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

Attend in person or Purchase a Replay of the Keynotes - $279

Keynote 1 - Dr. Kristin Barbour - "Developing Literacy Skills at the Intersection of the Science of Writing and Reading"

- Explore how reading and writing reciprocally influence each other 
- Review implications for educational therapy from the science of reading and writing 
- Examine essential practices for building literacy skills in NILD educational therapy

Keynote 2 - Dr. Tony Ryff - "Why Write When We Have Artificial Intelligence?"

- Dr. Virginia Berninger's construct on The Simple View of Writing which emphasizes as cognitive resources are "freed up" the brain is able to devote more thinking to the actual content of written expression
- Why the brain needs to organize its thoughts and the importance of communicating its thoughts on paper
- Additional research on the power of the pen over the keyboard and how today's schools are actually moving away from keyboards back to paper/pencil - partially to counter the explosion of plagiarized artificial intelligence
- How reading and writing complement one another through the development and use of rich vocabulary and complex sentence structure
- How is or can artificial intelligence "shortchange" language development in all learners
- How Scarborough's Rope is applicable to written expression

Keynote 3 - Doctoral Candidate, Lorri Wilke - "Spotlight on Literacy: How the Science of Reading Shapes our Practice"

- Recognize the current state of reading in American schools
- Define the Science of Reading
- Review what is known about the Science of Reading
- Explore current hot topics in reading science 
- Discover the connections between reading and writing 
- Apply the Science of Reading to the practice of educational therapy

Plus two breakout sessions! 

Writer's Workshop: Roundtable Discussion 
(for Level II and III trained therapists)

Writer's Workshop: Synthesizing Reading and Writing within NILD Techniques 
(for Level I trained therapists and guests)

Join us in beautiful Suffolk, VA!

Suffolk, Virginia is located in the heart of Coastal Virginia, known for its rich history, beautiful natural scenery, and friendly community, Suffolk offers visitors a wide range of attractions and activities to enjoy, from strolling through historic neighborhoods and shopping at local boutiques, to hiking through scenic parks and sampling delicious regional cuisine, there's something for everyone in Suffolk. It's a great place for Educational Therapists to get away to relax and recharge for a new season of work!  Plus, we're having a special Open House event at NILD Headquarters on Thursday, Nov. 2nd from 6-8 pm.

  • Travel

    Norfolk International Airport - 24 miles away

    Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport - 24 miles away

  • Hotels

    Courtyard by Marriott - Suffolk/Chesapeake

    Amenities: upscale bedding, free Wi-Fi, ergonomic workspaces, and HDTVs. At our updated Suffolk, VA hotel, we also offer an indoor and outdoor pool, 24/7 fitness center, business center, free parking, and onsite Bistro, serving healthy fare, evening cocktails & Starbucks© beverages.

    Next door to the conference venue. 

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  • Conference Venue

    Hub 757 offers over 28,000 sq. ft. of flexible function space for a variety of events. Weddings, banquets, meetings, parties – the possibilities are endless. Located in the Harbour View area of Northern Suffolk, Hub 757 features an urban chic, industrial atmosphere capable of accommodating all types of events.

    Address: 6801 Bridgeway Dr, Suffolk, VA 23435

  • Food

    Riverstone Chophouse, Taste Unlimited, Ruby Tuesday, La Parilla Mexican Grille, Mezeh, Yama Sushi, Starbucks, Subway, Metro Diner, First Watch, Gianna's Pizzeria, and much more!

Don't just take our word for it

"The allotted for each presentation was great. The speakers provided some points of insight and great ideas to implement during sessions. Having speakers who are leaders in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge are greatly appreciated."

Kate H.
Virginia NILD Therapist

"Being an independent NILD  educational therapist gives me flexibility in my schedule, but I also love being able to connect with people at the conferences."

Lorri W.
Illinois NILD Therapist

"You feel like you're in a family when you go to conferences. The ladies are very sisterly. You can count on them to have really great ideas, plus they are willing to share."

Katherine K.
Florida NILD Therapist

"The sessions were topics I'd been wanting to learn more about for a while."

Suzanne H.
Virginia NILD Therapist

"I went to the conference in November. It was amazing, restorative and inspired me to leave my job to do NILD Educational Therapy on my own."

April R.
California NILD Therapist

"NILD conferences are great. You get introduced to new ideas from NILD, plus learn how other educational therapists are using the tools and methodologies in their therapy practices."

Suzanne H.
Vancouver NILD Therapist

"Conference was exactly what I needed and met many specific needs as a therapist."

Florida NILD Therapist

"I have gained a better understanding of effective EF coaching and how to better support my students and fellow educators."

Varrie V.
NILD Educational Therapist

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