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Featured: GeoClock Fundamentals - CST

19 Jul 2024 • 9:00am (EDT) • Virtual • $275.00

Registration closes 5 Jun 2024 9:00am (EDT)


  • Understand how the GeoClock©, an educational tool and method, strengthens students’ temporal and spatial orientation by providing concrete representations of time, fractions, geometric shapes, and angles
  • This training is provided through both asynchronous work and a live training day.


  • Define temporal orientation and articulate how movement can support students’ understanding of artificial time
  • Understand how temporal and spatial orientation impacts students’ mathematical understanding and outcomes
  • Understand how the GeoClock© supports students’ development of cognitive, non-cognitive, perceptual, and academic skills and encourages divergent thinking
  • Use the GeoClock© educational tool to design and implement lessons on time, fractions, geometric shapes, and angles

Materials included: Training Manual, GeoClock Fundamentals Workbook, GeoClock, and GeoClock Card Game. To order additional clocks, student workbooks, or card games after your training has been completed, please contact