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NILD Certification Level Courses

Transform your career: Earn certification as a NILD Educational Therapist, with optional Master's Degree paths through Regent or Southeastern University.

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Feuerstein Courses

FIE strengthens learning, problem-solving & motivation with exercises to boost knowledge, thinking & creativity. Logical & perceptual sequencing, spatial & social skills all help students tackle learning challenges & boost performance.

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1-2 Day Workshops

Virtual and in person 1-2 day trainings taught by the top experts and specialists in educational therapy.

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Monthly Webinars

Each month we hold 1-hour virtual trainings taught by the top experts and specialists in the field of learning science

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What is the National Institute for Learning Development?

Since 1973, NILD has trained 10,000+ educators and helped 100,000+ children become confident, independent learners.

NILD is more than traditional tutoring. Tutoring often focuses only on subject matter content, while NILD's therapies use subject matter as the learning vehicle to develop cognition and confidence.

We focus on root learning issues, helping learners overcome these issues by developing new learning paths. Our innovative educational therapies build efficient learning processes, teaching students how to think independently.

Our process focuses on the whole child: cognition, perception, academics, and emotions.

By developing these four key components, students more effectively overcome their limitations and thrive in the classroom

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  • Ill-equipped to make a life-long difference in students with learning challenges

  • Feeling like you are only providing learning band aids instead of true solutions

  • Struggling with burnout and lowering expectations for your students

With this!

  • Having proven tools and training to deal with various learning differences

  • Being confident that you are getting to the root of the learning issue

  • Helping every student in your classroom become confident, independent learners