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Give Your Child The Educational Support They Need To Be Prepared For Life

An educational therapy approach that gets to the root learning issue

Develop Learning Confidence

Increase Self Esteem

Change Your Child's Life

It's devastating seeing your child struggle...

If you're here, you've probably been searching for answers for awhile. It's frustrating not getting the answers you need and to see your child continuing to struggle.

Rest assured we get it. Some of our best educational therapists have learning differences of their own or have children with learning needs.

We believe every parent deserves the best educational support for their children to become successful independent learners.

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"More Than Grades: NILD Transformed Our Child's Life"

This parent's story highlights NILD's impact on a child's overall well-being. See how a focus on strengths and individual needs leads to academic and personal growth.

Support Your Child

With NILD Therapies

Solve root-level issues

Our framework gets to the root of the issue instead of only providing a learning band aid.

A complete framework

Help your child become a lifelong learner and thinker with our proven approach to learning challenges

Change your child's trajectory

Replace learning anxiety and fears with improved self-esteem and confidence as an independent learner.

Who is NILD for?

NILD therapies are designed for specialists, teachers, tutors, parents, and administrators who want to work with children with the following:


Neurodevelopmental disorder impacting focus, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.

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Condition affecting communication and social interaction behaviors.

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Learning disorder characterized by difficulties with reading and spelling.

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Neurological disorder causing difficulty in writing coherently and accurately.

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Learning disability causing difficulty in understanding and using numbers.

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Thinking & learning difficulties

Challenges affecting information processing, understanding, and knowledge application.

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School subject challenges

(math, reading, & writing)

And more...

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"The Transformation We Didn't Expect: Our NILD Experience"

See how NILD therapy brought calm, focus, and confidence to a child – with ripple effects extending to the whole family.

"The RX Discovery Reading Program was able to help my child with his reading sills and improve his self-esteem."

M. Webb

"After doing NILD Educational Therapy, my son went from being frustrated at school to being excited about it. His teachers are as amazed by his continued accomplishments as I am."


What is the National Institute for Learning Development?

Since 1973, NILD has trained 10,000+ educators and helped 100,000+ children become confident, independent learners.

NILD is more than traditional tutoring. Tutoring often focuses only on subject matter content, while NILD's therapies use subject matter as the learning vehicle to develop cognition and confidence.

We focus on root learning issues, helping learners overcome these issues by developing new learning paths. Our innovative educational therapies build efficient learning processes, teaching students how to think independently.

Our process focuses on the whole child: cognition, perception, academics, and emotions.

By developing these four key components, students more effectively overcome their limitations and thrive in the classroom

Are you ready?

Help your child become a lifelong learner.

Replace this...

  • Worrying that your child is not keeping up

  • Watching your children get lost in the educational system

  • Receiving band aid solutions that don't truly help

  • Feeling frustrated when you see your child hitting roadblocks

With this!

  • Receiving support from the best educational therapists in the world

  • Watching your child grow in self-esteem and confidence

  • Your child thinking independently and solving problems on their own

  • Feeling proud of the learner and person your child has become

All students deserve the opportunity to become successful independent learners

Get the support you need to prepare your child for life.