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How does your support change lives?

Your tax-deductible donation enables NILD to help students with learning disabilities develop the skills to become confident and independent learners.

Impacting Learners

Help us reach more learners and children who are getting lost in today's educational system.

Equipping Educators

Your support enables us to develop educators to be confident and equipped in the classroom.

Ongoing Development

We are continually researching learning differences and developing resources for students and educators.

Impact Donors Like You Have Made

"Like many others who went from being slow learners to exceptional learners. I credit the success I enjoy today with my parents' decision to enroll me in educational therapy."


"NILD has helped me bring my grades up to honors level."


"I do not think that I know an organization more committed to releasing the potential of all children with learning disabilities than NILD."

Maryanne W.

"Their devoted membership and their mission-driven leadership have made a tremendous impact on the field."

Richard L.

"With compassion and competence, they provide explicit, differentiated instruction to address and resolve each child's unique learning challenges." 

Nancy M.

"I can do it and I'm proud of myself."


"It has changed the lives of so many, they became independent learners."


All students deserve the opportunity to become successful independent learners

Support the top therapists in the world, making lasting change in students' lives.