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A Transformative Learning Support System for Your School

Train and license your learning specialists to implement NILD's proven methods and strategies

Equip Your School With Professionally Certified NILD Therapists

The number of students who require special interventions is increasing every year. Sadly many schools are ill-equipped to meet those needs. 

By training your specialists to implement NILDs methodology they will be licensed to run the NILD Discovery Program at your school and can become Professionally Certified NILD Therapists.

This prescriptive and individualized program allows your specialists to provide targeted student support and general classroom interventions in your school. 

Better serve families with students who have learning challenges.

Equip your educators with the most effective techniques in educational therapy.

Develop academic, social, and emotional development.

Cultivate efficient learning processes, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Establish a positive reputation in your community for effectively supporting all learners.

"The RX Discovery Reading Program was able to help my child with his reading skills and improve his self-esteem."

M. Webb

"My son went from being frustrated at school to being excited about it. His teachers are as amazed by his continued accomplishments as I am."


NILD Discovery Programs Bring Life Change To Your School & Community

• Empower specialists to become transformational influences.
• Facilitate critical and creative thinking processes, preparing students to succeed at learning.
• Promote cognitive modifiability to unlock learners' unique potential. 
• Instead of adapting the learning environment to students' unique challenges, help students change how they think to succeed in any environment.
• Enable students to become active participants in their learning.
• Benefit from NILDs support services for enrollment, retention, and fundraising.
• Market your Discovery Program to improve enrollment and generate revenue.
• Give your specialists professional development in NILD methodologies and best pedagogy practices.

Additional Benefits For Your School:

10% Discount on NILD Materials, Courses, and Conferences

Continuing education opportunities

Free subscription to professional learning community forum

Career Building Tools: Get Listed on our "Find A Therapist" page, advertise position openings, spotlight your credentials, and use the NILD name and logo for brand awareness, advertising, and marketing.

Are you ready?

Better support your Parents, Students and Staff

Replace this...

  • Not knowing how to help families of children with learning challenges

  • Unsure what training and resources to give your teachers

  • Feeling like your school only provides learning band aids instead of true academic solutions

  • Feeling pressure to solve educational issues when you don't have solutions

  • Losing families because you can't meet their needs

With this!

  • Being confident that your school's learning support system is truly making a difference

  • Having peace of mind that every student and family is receiving the best educational support possible

  • Helping develop lifelong, independent learners in your school

  • Knowing your staff have the best tools and training available

  • Having an inclusive program that serves all family members

Other NILD Support Programs for Your School

Professional Development Workshops

Equip your teachers to better serve the diverse needs of your students. Our workshops cover educational therapy strategies for learners with challenges, and help build the understanding of the impact of learning differences in various educational settings.

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NILDinside® empowers schools to better meet the needs of all students by equipping classroom teachers and learning support specialists with the tools to educate diverse learners. This collaborative and holistic approach creates a more effective learning environment for all students.

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All students deserve the opportunity to become successful independent learners

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