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Communicating the Therapy Process with Prospective Parents

How to effectively address a child's needs in a way that is professional and compassionate.

Instructor: Donna Weston, M.Ed.

75-minute video recording of live broadcast.

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  • The Quickest, Dirtiest Pathway in the Brain: How Emotion Affects Learning

    Arrin Brummett

    Explore contemporary brain research and learn practical ways to utilize emotions to enhance learning.

  • Executive Function and the Writing Process: Generating and Organizing Ideas

    Melanie Davda

    Learn How to support students who get "stuck" when engaging in writing tasks so they can better generate and organize writing ideas.

    Instructor: Melanie Davda, MAED, PCET

    60-minute live webinar

  • Using Title II Funds for Training

    Gain a greater understanding of what Title II funds are and how to access them. Learn how to craft application feedback to raise your chances for successful funding.

    Instructor: Shannon Kuschel, LPC, PCET

  • Stop Bullying

    Bullying is repeated, unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power. Learn how to help children and adolescents by considering the developmental, socio-emotional, neurological, and attachment impacts on child and adolescent behavior.

    Instructor: Ashley Wroton

  • NILD}}


    Explore the virtue of resilience and why it is a vital ingredient for students to be successful learners

    Instructor: Dr. Cheryl Winget, NILD PCET

    60-minute video recording of live broadcast including Q&A.

  • Promoting & Coaching Executive Functioning in the Classroom, ET Station & Beyond (Part 2 of 2)

    Discover keys to success for coaching Executive Functioning with students, goal setting, and enhancing motivation!

    Instructor: Shannon Kuschel, NILD PCET

    60-minute video recording of live broadcast including Q&A

"NILD Educational Therapy is a thorough and effective intervention for students who struggle to learn! The more I use NILD with my students, the more I come to love using it!"

NILD Educational Therapist

"My daughter is dyslexic and couldn't read anything but Dr. Seuss, when we first started.  She was really good with anything that rhyme, but nothing else. Within about nine months of beginning NILD Educational Therapies, she was reading The Chronicles of Narnia. It was a pretty incredible change.”

Connie R.

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