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Transitioning to Adulthood

March 21, 2024 | 2:00 PM - America/Detroit

This webinar focuses on the essential steps needed to successfully transition a high-school student with special needs to adulthood. 

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  • How to Help Students Who Are Not Good at Remembering Written Words: Understanding Orthographic Mapping and the Role of Grapho-Phonemic Proficiency

    The presentation will explain orthographic mapping, the process we use to store words in long-term memory for instant, effortless retrieval.

  • Cognitive Functions: The Building Blocks of Thinking

    Lorri Wilke

    Gain a deeper understanding of how the cognitive functions serve as the building blocks of thinking and behavior. 

  • 1,2,3…What’s New for Me? Exploring new developments in Early Childhood Education

    Mary-Lou Maclean

    This workshop will explore the current trends, research, and how to enhance the teaching of young children.

  • Spelling: Teaching the Structure of Language

    Kathy Keafer

    Learning to spell is more difficult than learning to read because it requires complete and accurate word formation. Let’s consider together the English conventions of spelling and how to help children use them to their advantage as they write both in educational therapy and in the classroom.

  • Transitioning to Adulthood

    Arrin Brummett

    This webinar focuses on the essential steps needed to successfully transition a high-school student with special needs to adulthood. 

  • Implementing & Nurturing a Successful NILD Program

    Bridget Hughes

    Have you considered beginning a NILD program at your school? Join us as we discuss critical things to consider before and during the process. We'll also review key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to nurture and maintain the program. 

"NILD Educational Therapy is a thorough and effective intervention for students who struggle to learn! The more I use NILD with my students, the more I come to love using it!"

NILD Educational Therapist

"My daughter is dyslexic and couldn't read anything but Dr. Seuss, when we first started.  She was really good with anything that rhyme, but nothing else. Within about nine months of beginning NILD Educational Therapies, she was reading The Chronicles of Narnia. It was a pretty incredible change.”

Connie R.

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