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This free 25 minute training will walk you through the ins and outs of how NILD supports students with learning differences. You'll walk away knowing how best to support a neurodiverse learner and know what path to take if you are interested in taking a training.

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1 Hour Monthly Webinars

1 hour virtual trainings taught by the top experts and specialists in educational therapy and related fields.

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1-2 Day Workshops

Virtual and in person 1-2 day trainings taught by the top experts and specialists in educational therapy.

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NILD Certification & Masters Degree

Do you desire a career as an educational therapist? Our top level trainings allow individuals to become a Certified NILD Educational Therapist and/or receive a Master's Degree through Regent University or Southeastern University.

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Feuerstein Courses

FIE strengthens learning, problem-solving & motivation with exercises to boost knowledge, thinking & creativity. Logical & perceptual sequencing, spatial & social skills all help students tackle learning challenges & boost performance.

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Annual Conference

Yearly, the top Educational Therapists in the world gather to receive the most up to date trainings and inspiration. Whether you are new to NILD or a veteran therapist, you won't want to miss this conference.

Title II Funding

If paying for NILD training is challenging for your school, check our resource page on accessing Title II funding.

Who is NILD for?

NILD therapies are designed for specialists, teachers, tutors, parents, and administrators who want to work with children with the following:


Condition affecting communication and social interaction behaviors.

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Learning disorder characterized by difficulties with reading and spelling.

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Neurological disorder causing difficulty in writing coherently and accurately.

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Learning disability causing difficulty in understanding and using numbers.

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Thinking & learning difficulties

Challenges affecting information processing, understanding, and knowledge application.

School subject challenges

(math, reading, & writing)

And much more...

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Learn how NILD

Helps students overcome challenges by developing new thinking and learning patterns.

Providing every student a safe place to learn...

Replace this...

  • Children not keeping up in school

  • Students getting lost in the educational system due to their learning difference

  • Learning differences not being addressed at the root issue and only receiving band aid solutions

  • Expectations and true potential not being reached

  • Feelings of embarrassment and frustration

With this!

  • Students receiving support from the best educational therapy system in the world

  • Children growing in self-esteem and confidence

  • Students learning to think independently and solve problems on their own

  • Children leaving the education system with the skills they need to succeed in life