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Educational Therapy For Students With Dysgraphia

Helping students with Dysgraphia become confident learners in the classroom and life

Build Confidence

Increase Self-Esteem

Excel at Learning

Finding academic help for a child with Dysgraphia can be challenging...

Dysgraphia can be challenging to diagnose, as its symptoms can be subtle and may only manifest when a child starts writing, including difficulties with spelling and writing speed. Finding speacialized instruction and support for handwriting remediation can be a daunting task.

In addition to the academic challenges, Dysgraphia can also have a significant emotional toll on both the child and their family. Children with Dysgraphia may experience low self-esteem and fall behind in the classroom, while parents may feel frustrated and guilty as they try to help their child learn.

How is NILD's approach to Dygraphia different?

At NILD, our educational therapies target the root issues of Dysgraphia, helping learners develop confidence in the classroom and preparing them to succeed in life.

NILD is not an Dysgraphia curriculum or tutoring system - it is an Educational Therapy System that focuses on the whole child: cognition, peception, academics, and emotions.

Learn how NILD helps students overcome challenges by developing new thinking and learning patterns.

How Does NILD Help Students with Dysgraphia

  • Dysgraphia Testing and Diagnosis

    We can recommend the right testing to identify your child's learning challenge.

  • Solve Root-Level Issues

    Our framework gets to the root of the issue instead of only providing a learning band aid.

  • A Complete Framework

    Help your child become a more independent learner and thinker with a proven approach to learning challenges.

  • Change Your Child's Trajectory

    Replace learning anxiety and fears with improved self-esteem and confidence as an indepent learner.

Receive expert training & support for children with Dysgraphia

NILD therapies are designed for specialists, teachers, tutors, parents, and schools who work with children with Dysgraphia and a variety of other learning challenges.

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ind an NILD-certified therapist who can help your students and children who struggle with Dysgraphia.

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7 Questions that indicate if your child has potential learning challenges.

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"Jack went from a boy who could barely read and had extremely bad handwriting to a student who just placed third in a poetry contest for the state of Virginia. This is such a great program and because of it, my son has made tremendous strides. With the work of NILD, my son has become a confident young man who will be able to do anything he wants!"


"After 6 years of hard work, a student who could barely spell and do any math, has accomplished so much! He's an excellent story writer and is in the middle of writing a book that has such depth and insight. He made honor roll and was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society."

NLD Educational Therapist

What is the National Institute for Learning Development?

Since 1973, NILD has trained 10,000+ educators and helped 100,000+ children become confident, independent learners.

NILD is more than tradional tutoring. Tutoring often focuses only on sunject matter content, while NILD's therapies use subject matter as the learning vehicle to develop cognition and confidence.

We focus on root learning issues, helping learners overcome these issues by developing new learning paths. Our innovative educational therapies build efficient learning process, teaching students how to think independently.

Our process focuses on the whole child: cognition, perception, academics, and emotions.

By developing these four key components, students more effectively overcome their limitations and thrive in the classroom.

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