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NILD Certification Level Courses

Transform your career: Earn certification as a NILD Educational Therapist, with optional Master's Degree paths through Regent or Southeastern University.

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Feuerstein Courses

FIE strengthens learning, problem-solving, and motivation with exercises that boost knowledge, thinking, and creativity. Logical and perceptual sequencing, spatial skills, and social skills all help students tackle learning challenges and boost performance.

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1-2 Day Workshops

Virtual and in-person 1-2 day trainings taught by the top experts and specialists in educational therapy.

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This free 25-minute training will walk you through the ins and outs of how NILD supports students with learning differences. You'll walk away knowing how best to support a neurodiverse learner and know what path to take if you are interested in taking a training.

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Monthly Webinars

Each month we hold 1-hour virtual trainings taught by the top experts and specialists in the field of learning science

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