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Case Study: Gaston Christian School

After considering various options, Gaston Christian partnered with NILD to meet the specific learning needs of their students with learning differences. Discover how establishing a Cognitive Enrichment and Support Department has impacted their school.

NILD Brochures

NILD offers a collection of six informative brochures, each serving as a valuable resource for sharing information about NILD's programs. Please feel free to download, print, and share as needed.

Annual Testing Questions & Answers

Springtime is my favorite season: new growth, warmer east coast weather, and more daylight. But I also enjoy springtime because it marks the season when we measure and reflect on our students’ progress in educational therapy! Now is the time of year to begin annual progress monitoring by conducting annual testing. Kim LeFevre, Wendy Bokmiller, and several NILD instructors often field annual testing questions that come to NILD headquarters. We thought it would be beneficial to share others’ questions and our responses.


Thoughtful Gratitude

Why is the promotion of practicing gratitude such a hot topic?  As it turns out, scientists believe that practicing gratitude is good for us.  In fact, the practice of gratitude appears to have emotional, social, personality, career, and health benefits (, 2022). Yes, please!  I will take some of that and...thank you!

Inspiring Motivation

It’s that time of year again. With all that back to school implies, for many of us, it holds the notion of a fresh start. As therapists, we plan sessions and set goals in expectation of great change. We are motivated to try and provide our students with sessions that will impact them profoundly. Many of our students, on the other hand, lack this enthusiasm. They have little to no vision for what can be accomplished during a year well spent.

You're Invited to a Math Party!

By taking the time to view our NILD math block (party!) through the lens of the powerful components of RX 4 Discovery Math, we can build and strengthen number sense, develop math language, and reinforce problem-solving strategies by simply incorporating a few of our favorite RX 4 Discovery Math “party secrets.”

Effectively Partnering with Parents

After Blake’s session, his mom stayed behind to talk with his educational therapist. Her eyes looked wearisome, and she sighed deeply as she moved from the observer’s chair to the chair that Blake had occupied just a couple of minutes earlier. Blake was an energetic fourth grader in his first year of NILD therapy, and mom needed counsel, encouragement, and direction.

The Power of Mediated Learning: Advocating for Administrative Support of NILD

As a life-long educator, I'm amazed - but not surprised - by the resilience and optimism of our students. When partnered with caring parents and talented teachers, these innate qualities result in a genuinely transformative grit. The challenge we now face in education is addressing how our schools equip our students to succeed when facing life's inevitable challenges.

Goal Setting and Its Importance

Why is it that students with learning differences struggle with goal setting? In the world of school and academics, many students experience success in achieving the goals that they have set for themselves. Can we identify a common set of factors that make goal setting such a challenge for struggling students?

Dictation and Copy: One Technique, Multiple Benefits

In 1999, my family and I were living in central Europe, where my children were attending a Hungarian national school. In the afternoons, I supplemented their education by homeschooling in English. I was careful to seek out the best curricula formy children, and I voraciously read every good book or article on how to homeschool the ‘Third Culture Student.’

Thoughts on Initial Evaluations for NILD Educational Therapy

I have always found that August and September were busy months when it comes to evaluating the learning needs of students in our schools. While many parents have had the foresight to consider intervention needs for their children who are struggling academically in the closing months of the previous year, some parents do postpone their search and decisions to just before school opens.

Feuerstein - The Man, The Method, The Meaning

In a nutshell, Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) is a cognitive intervention program that enhances the cognitive skills needed for independent thinking, learning, and success in life.  FIE can be used one-on-one, in small groups, or in classroom settings, and it is appropriate for learners of all challenges and strengths. It is appropriate for everybody because everybody can learn to learn better.

NILD Founder

In 1973, while Deborah was giving educational therapy in the basement of her home, Grace was pleading with the administration of Norfolk Christian Schools (NCS) to “do something about these children”.

NILD Educational Therapy® Author

Classroom teaching was frustrating for Deborah, however she felt drawn to those students who struggled to learn. Still searching for answers, she enrolled in a Master’s program for special education, and attempted to convince her professors that stimulation, not easier materials would be a more appropriate approach to teach students with learning challenges. Her professors did not agree.

NILD History

In 2002, following NILD’s 20th anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors approved the development of Discovery Program, Inc., a community-based model to serve students outside private school settings.

Providing Individualized Therapy Through Testing

NILD requires an initial psycho-educational evaluation before students enter NILD Educational Therapy®.  This enables the therapist to understand students’ learning strengths and challenges, and skillfully tailor sessions to the specific needs of each student.

Causes and Effects of Learning Disabilities

NILD is research-driven and evidence-based. Research validates NILD educational therapy interventions that have helped students with learning challenges for over 40 years. Every student is unique. NILD’s research-based, individualized approach is unique too.