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NILD Brochures

NILD offers a collection of six informative brochures, each serving as a valuable resource for sharing information about NILD's programs. Please feel free to download, print, and share as needed.

You're Invited to a Math Party!

By taking the time to view our NILD math block (party!) through the lens of the powerful components of RX 4 Discovery Math, we can build and strengthen number sense, develop math language, and reinforce problem-solving strategies by simply incorporating a few of our favorite RX 4 Discovery Math “party secrets.”

Dictation and Copy: One Technique, Multiple Benefits

In 1999, my family and I were living in central Europe, where my children were attending a Hungarian national school. In the afternoons, I supplemented their education by homeschooling in English. I was careful to seek out the best curricula formy children, and I voraciously read every good book or article on how to homeschool the ‘Third Culture Student.’