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NILD Brochures

NILD offers a collection of six informative brochures, each serving as a valuable resource for sharing information about NILD's programs. Please feel free to download, print, and share as needed. 


NILD Research Brochure
Demonstrates the effectiveness of NILD Educational Therapy® in enhancing intelligence and academic performance, emphasizing neuroplasticity and intellectual growth.

Download Research Brochure


Person & Potential Brochure
Focuses on NILD's unique approach to cognitive development, transforming struggling learners into lifelong achievers.

Download Person & Potential Brochure

Data & Development Brochure
Aligns with the International Dyslexia Association's standards, highlighting NILD's research-based, individualized therapeutic approach in reading instruction.

Download Data Development Brochure

Parents Guide Brochure
Offers parents insights into how NILD's therapy strengthens cognitive and perceptual weaknesses, supporting independent learning.

Download Parent's Guide Brochure

Educators Guide Brochure
Informs educators about NILD's program, focusing on individualized educational therapy and dynamic intervention to develop core academic skills and higher-order processing.

Download Educator's Guide Brochure

Search & Teach Brochure
An early intervention program for young learners, emphasizing early detection and intervention to prevent learning difficulties.

Download Search & Teach Brochure