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Full Time Educational Therapist

Clinton Grace Christian School, Clinton, MD

Position: Director of Discovery 

Responsible to: Director 

Length of position: Ten months 

The Lead Administrator hires the Director of Discovery. The Director of Discovery provides oversight of the Discovery Department 

Must have a minimum of Level I NILD certification, but Level III is preferred. 

His/her responsibilities include: 1. testing and placement of students in Discovery 2. working with students as a therapist 3. develops individualized plans for weekly sessions based on student needs 4. scheduling of therapists 5. oversight and scheduling of the resource room 6. testing and tutoring of kindergarten students with the Search and Teach program (requires Search & Teach certification through NILD) 7. coordination of summer Discovery sessions 8. observing students in the classroom 9. meeting with parents to discuss possible enrollment in Discovery, progress of students in Discovery, etc. 10. attending county meetings off-site for students when necessary 11. review report cards to see if students may need Discovery 12. work with teachers in the classroom to make sure accommodations are followed and provide any other assistance that is needed for Discovery students 13. writing and reviewing all MEPs 14. transferring an IEP to an MEP 15. coordinate with county speech therapists that provide services on campus to students 16. other duties that are necessary to ensure the success of the program 

Email resume to 

This position must be filled by August 15.