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Enhance Academic Success with Proven Executive Function Strategies

1-Day Virtual Workshop - March 2 or April 20

For teachers and education specialists to help students develop critical skills for goal setting, planning & organizing

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Improve Student Performance

How Executive Function Unlocks Hidden Potential:

Many students today face barriers to learning due to underdeveloped Executive Function (EF) skills. This deficiency can lead to difficulties in focusing, organizing, and managing emotions, resulting in lower academic performance and decreased engagement.

Building EF strategies into daily classroom practices enhances students' focus, planning, and problem-solving abilities.

By applying these strategies, educators can create a more effective learning environment, significantly improving classroom management and student outcomes. This approach not only aids in academic success but also prepares students with skills essential for lifelong learning and personal development.

Workshop Objectives

General: Successful completion of this workshop will enable participants to identify, assess, and coach student needs in the process of executive functioning development.

Specific: Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1. Understand more completely the components of executive functioning, including growth mindset and resilience.

2. Articulate how to better deal with challenges, and difficult emotions, as well as gain confidence and manage stress.

3. Expand understanding regarding how executive functions are now more important than ever in the 21st-century classroom and life

4. Understand his/her own growth mindset and resilience, and how it impacts work with students.

5. Assist students in understanding their executive functioning profile, discovering their own growth mindset and resilience strategies, and setting/monitoring their own executive functioning goals.

Workshop Details

Enroll by February 17 for our March 2 Workshop

Enroll by April 6 for our April 20 Workshop

Cost $425

Schedule of the Day: 

8:00-10:00 EST - Introduction to Executive Function

10:00-10:15 EST - Break

10:15-11:15 EST - 11 Executive Skills Essential for School Success

11:15-12:00 EST - Group Activity: EF Activities from Harvard University

12:00-1:00 EST - Lunch on your own

1:00-3:00 EST - Fostering Executive Functioning Development


Required Materials: 

Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom

Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits

Workshop Instructor

Presented by Miriam Jordan, MS Ed, PCET

Miriam Jordan, with over 32 years in education, is a certified educational therapist and experienced preschool and elementary teacher. She holds a bachelor's from Nova Southeastern University and a master's in early childhood special education from the University of Miami. In 2006, she founded the non-profit One Child at A Time, Inc., providing educational services for children with exceptionalities. Her work includes developing widely used Individual Educational Plans in partnership with private schools, emphasizing a philosophy of faith, trust, integrity, and relationship-building.

I loved the format of the workshop as it initially gave information regarding executive function and then gave us opportunities to actually assist in helping our students with strategies that may be implemented for student success.

Cindy P.
Director of Student Services

The tools that were given to implement in the classroom and forms students can fill out to help teachers understand them better. This is invaluable information for teachers to have in order to help students improve and learn more effectively. Assessing as a part of teaching stood out to me, rather than assessing what has been taught. I gained a better understanding of Executive Function skills and how they affect a person's life. I would love to see the teachers I work with buy into this approach and all outside-of-the-box thinking rather than teach/paper assess format.

Angie S.
Reading Resource Teacher/Interventionist

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How will this workshop help me in my day-to-day teaching?

You'll be able to help students increase learning engagement, enhance productivity, and strengthen autonomy and self-regulation with classwork and homework. You'll also increase instructional time because less time is spent on redirecting students' off-task behavior, improving student time management for projects.

Is the workshop suitable for teachers of all grade levels?

Yes, teachers at any grade level can benefit from the skills learned in this workshop. Strategies can be implemented with any age group.

Are there any required materials for this workshop?

Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom
Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits

Will I receive any certification or professional development credits?

Yes, NIILD issues ACSI-endorsed CEUs worth 8 clock hours.

Will there be a recording to watch afterward?

No, this workshop is not recorded.

Will the workshop be interactive?

Yes, this workshop is a combination of lecture, instructor demonstration, and participant demonstration/interaction.

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Enroll by February 17 for our March 2 Workshop

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