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Decodable Reader - Emerging Book 1

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The Decodable Readers are available in two series that correlate with the NILD Literacy Levels – Formative and Emerging. (For more information on the literacy levels, see your Gray Matter Guide: Educator, pgs 6 & 7.) Each book in the series contains 6 stories that align with the Scope and Sequence of the NILD Gray Matter Anchor Words. Formative, Volume 1, Pals and Pets, covers Anchor Groups 1-12, and Emerging, Volume 1, The Best of Pals, covers Anchor Groups 1-17. Subsequent volumes will cover the remaining Anchor Groups. 

*Note* you only need one book per therapy station. These books are meant to be mediated and should not go home with each student. 

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Customer Feedback:

I want to say a huge “Thank You” and “Well done!” to those involved in writing and producing the decodable readers I recently purchased from the NILD. 

I was having a hard time finding interesting books that didn’t contain a lot of sight words and two syllable words for my struggling 8-year-old student. But he loves Pals and Pets.

He can decode all the words as it is right at his level,  and the stories are fun. He feels successful (which is a huge step forward for him) and he anticipates reading a little more in the book each session. No more searching in vain in the library for books to use

Thank you so much for providing this resource. Well done! I am grateful.

Debbie S. 

NILD Educational Therapist