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How to Access Funds for Professional Development in Neurodiverse Education

What is Title II Funding?

Title II funding is part of the federal government's commitment to supporting professional development for educators. These funds are designated to help schools improve the quality of instruction and ensure all students, including those with neurodiverse needs, receive an effective education. By leveraging Title II funds, schools can provide their educators with the necessary training to support neurodiverse learners effectively.

Purpose: Enhance the quality of education through professional development.

Eligibility: Available to schools and educational institutions seeking to improve instructional practices.

Impact: Ensures educators are equipped with the skills and knowledge to support all students, particularly those with neurodiverse needs.

How to Access Title II Funding

The below resources provide step-by-step guidance and real-life examples to help you navigate the funding process successfully.

Using Title II Funds for Training

This training will help you better understand Title II funds and how to access them. You will also learn how to craft application feedback to increase your chances of successful funding.

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Funding Special Services: One School's Journey

Learn how various academic services can be affordable for families and private schools.

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ACSI Title II Resource Guide

View resource guides from the Association of Christian Schools International on accessing Title II funding. 

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