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2022-2023 Conference Recording

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Five recorded sessions with NILD level trained-specific breakouts, handouts are included.

Implementation Fidelity- Science Practice, and Disposition: Define implementation fidelity, review the science of implementation fidelity, highlight facilitation strategies to optimize and standardize NILD's implementation fidelity; discuss NILD's research outcomes with an implementation fidelity lens. Understand the qualities educators need to adhere to implementation fidelity.

NILD's Student Transformation Story: Understand the role of educators in developing student's thinking and learning skills. Review how to enhance student's learning disposition. Refine communication skills related to NILD program description to facilitate conversations with parents, classroom teachers, and administrators. 

Assessment: Understand psycho-educational interpretation (e.g., what do the tests measure and how does that relate to the student thinking and academic skills being built in educational therapy); how to write annual progress reports; role of anecdotal notes and what makes an anecdotal note a prescriptive part of the educational therapy process. Improve ability to map NILD techniques to cognitive, processing, and academic skills measured by formal and informal assessments; communicating and creating learning goals based on testing; progress monitoring and how to accomplish this in each session. Improving ability to use assessment outcomes to motivate student engagement.

Gray Matter Literacy: Improve knowledge of science of reading practices; understand how to implement a structured literacy approach to developing reading; and discover a variety of ways to implement sound boxes to enhance students' encoding and decoding ability.

Technique Review: A hands-on review of level-specific techniques to further solidify understanding. Group practice and discussion to allow for real-time feedback on technique implementation. 

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