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Mediating Math 5pk - Four student books plus teacher manual

Product information



The Teacher's Edition contains a wealth of math supplemental activities designed for students in grades 3-5. A Math skills survey and observation form are included for more specific planning and prescription. The book presents activities for a broad range of skills. Each section includes rationale, vocabulary and "Big Ideas." 
Student not only practice the problems but are guided to illustrate, explain, defend, connect and extend their knowledge.

Also includes one each of the Mediatiing Math student workbooks that supplement Chapters 1 - 4 in Mediating Math. 

Chapter 1: Number Patterns
Chapter 2: Calculations & Estimation
Chapter 3: Fractions, Decimals & Percents
Chapter 4: Measurements

Note: These books may also be purchased individually. Click on the "Therapy Materials" link in the "Shop by Category" menu located in the top left portion of this page.

Additional details

  • Develop student math skills and thinking
  • Problem solving integrated throughout each workbook
  • Choose workbooks according to student need
  • User in therapy sessions or for homework practice