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NILD 2023-2024 Annual Conference - Video Replay

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Full video replay of the three keynote sessions from our NILD 2023-2024 Annual Conference. 

Keynote 1 - Dr. Kristin Barbour

Developing Literacy Skills at the Intersection of the Science of Writing and Reading

  • Explore how reading and writing reciprocally influence each other 
  • Review implications for educational therapy from the science of reading and writing 
  • Examine essential practices for building literacy skills in NILD educational therapy

Keynote 2 - Dr. Tony Ryff

Why Write When We Have Artificial Intelligence?

  • Dr. Virginia Berninger's construct on The Simple View of Writing which emphasizes as cognitive resources are "freed up" the brain is able to devote more thinking to the actual content of written expression
  • Why the brain needs to organize its thoughts and the importance of communicating its thoughts on paper
  • Additional research on the power of the pen over the keyboard and how today's schools are actually moving away from keyboards back to paper/pencil - partially to counter the explosion of plagiarized artificial intelligence
  • How reading and writing complement one another through the development and use of rich vocabulary and complex sentence structure
  • How is or can artificial intelligence "shortchange" language development in all learners
  • How Scarborough's Rope is applicable to written expression

Keynote 3 - Doctoral Candidate, Lorri Wilke

Spotlight on Literacy: How the Science of Reading Shapes our Practice

  • Recognize the current state of reading in American schools
  • Define the Science of Reading
  • Review what is known about the Science of Reading
  • Explore current hot topics in reading science 
  • Discover the connections between reading and writing 
  • Apply the Science of Reading to the practice of educational therapy

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