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Time 4 Discovery Math™

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Time 4 Discovery Math™ has been intentionally and primarily designed to be a supplemental resource to any math curriculum, and used by classroom teachers. Each fifteen to twenty minutes lesson sequentially focuses on building number sense, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving skills each day. The specific and intentional questioning embedded throughout each daily lesson will assist classroom educators in mediating critical mathematical thinking. Small group pull out to enhance student’s growing number sense development using above grade level resource; can be implemented by classroom educator or resource educator.

The Pre-K through 5th grade resources are available in a digital PDF or PPT format. Each document provides over 500 pages of activities complete with educators notes, specific questions, and answers. The activities are appropriately designed for grade level and contain a consistent theme throughout. As students progress into the early elementary years, additional expectations are embedded in each daily lesson while key elements remain the same.

Help your students:

  • Develop Number Sense
  • Enrich Understanding of Number Relationship
  • Enhance Math Fluency
  • Improve Math Vocabulary
  • Strengthen Problem Solving Strategies
  • Collaboratively Think with Others
  • Practice Essential Math Skills through Dynamic Group Activities
  • Reduce Math Anxiety

***This product is entirely digital and is priced and sold per grade level.  You must email to indicate which grade level (Pre-K through 5th) you wish to purchase.***

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