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A Child's Touchstone: Dyslexia Guidance for Parents, Teachers, & Pediatricians

Webinar Overview

  • How to raise “up” low expectations.
  • What is the meaning behind grades “A” through “F” and what is proficient?
  • Why school isn’t everything – you can get straight “A’s” and still flunk life.
  • The consequences of doing nothing – be prepared to be shocked!
  • Gain significant knowledge on dyslexia and how to implement strategies that improve student cognition, perception, emotion and academics.
  • Explore a different perspective – we will get to know a dyslexic (student).
  • Consider what “fairness” and “accessibility in education” really means and what it looks like?
  • Examine a significant list of academic accommodations that really work!

Don’t be bamboozled. Academic support and accommodations can and should be offered at any time (even without an IEP or 504 Plan).

About Your Instructor:

Lorraine Donovan
Author, A Child’s Touchstone”, Dyslexia guidance for “less than perfect” Parents, Teachers and Pediatricians.

Lorraine is a dyslexic mom herself, with a history of challenging the status quo. She lives in California with her brilliant and talented dyslexic son. She is known for her honest writing, insight and knowledge, combined with common sense forward-thinking solutions. She seeks to empower others with the ability to take immediate action and to help a dyslexic child.

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