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A Roadmap for Success

Webinar Overview

We will introduce "The Student Success Plan" to organize the goal-setting process and improve: 

  • Data-driven SMART goals
  • Student buy-in and goal-directed persistence
  • Parent participation
  • Annual reports
  • Join me as we discuss how to communicate desired outcomes more effectively and track student progress.

About Your Instructor:

Connie Risser, M.Ed., NILD PCET
Founder & Director of the Idaho Learning Center
Connie Risser is the founder and director of the Idaho Learning Center (ILC). She began her career with NILD in 2004 while she and her husband served in Africa with Mission Aviation Fellowship. The success of the NILD program so impacted their daughter’s academic ability that Connie continued to pursue NILD certification and eventually a Master’s Degree in Education through Columbia International University. Being reassigned to MAF’s International Headquarters in Nampa, Idaho allowed her to prayerfully begin a ministry with a handful of struggling students. Today, ILC serves over 100 students individually and on several Christian School Campuses. ILC also offers a day school for about 90 students that is specifically designed for students with learning struggles. Her staff of 25 dedicated educators and NILD Educational Therapists strive to help all students reach their fullest potential in Christ. Connie is an instructor for NILD and is passionate about encouraging and motivating educational therapists to reach their fullest potential! She and her husband are blessed to have 3 grown children and 1 amazing daughter-in-law. Her favorite role is being “Grandma” to 2 year old Essie and another granddaughter early next year.

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