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Active Reading Strategies

Webinar Overview

What’s the difference between reading passively or reading actively? Does it make a difference in what the reader can retain, recall and/or reuse later? We will review numerous Active Reading Strategies, that may just seem like very good study skills, that demonstrate ways to “do something with it” as you are reading. The basic concept is to create your own study guide as you go along rather than doing a major study session just before the test.

About Your Instructor:

Beth Grimm, PCET
After teaching MKs in Tanzania and Guatemala, Beth worked at The Janus School (for students with learning disabilities). Since June 2006, she has been self-employed doing tutoring, testing, academic coaching, consultation, and intervention with home-school, Christian school, cyber school, private school, and college students, as a School Psychologist, Reading Specialist, and NILD Certified Educational Therapist. She is currently a Wycliffe (WBT) Volunteer Member as an Educational Specialist, occasionally traveling to Missionary Kids (MK) schools to do testing and consultation, while continuing her private practice in Lancaster, PA.

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