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ADHD Coordination and Balance of the Brain

Webinar Overview

With ADHD, sometimes the brain can have imbalances in the nervous system causing dis-regulation in focus and attention. Using techniques that help increase balance, coordination, crossing midline, and timing, children and adults with ADHD can become stronger with focus and attention. Simple activities can be created as a family helping build stronger family relationships while having fun and increasing focus, attention and impulse control.

Learning Objectives:

Learn what goes on in the ADHD brain and the triggers that overstimulate such as dis-regulation, sensitivity, and multi-step directions
Learn tips to strengthen motor functioning, basic motor skills, and body awareness
Learn how mid-line crossing activities can increase bilateral coordination, motor skills, and increase memory

About Your Instructor

Sherry Campbell, MA, LPC
Neurofeedback Specialist

Sherry Campbell, LPC is a Neurofeedback Specialist at Genesis Counseling Center. She has experience working in the mental health field since 2010 and has taught special education for 18 years in a public school setting.

Sherry has a Master’s in Professional Counseling through Liberty University, Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Special Education through Nova University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Virginia and North Carolina. Sherry also has training in Neurofeedback and provides Neurofeedback utilizing the Othmer Method.

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