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Administering and Interpreting the WISC

Webinar Overview

For many of us, testing can be a daunting subject to learn and master. It reminds me of the year my husband and I lived in France to learn how to speak a foreign language. It was a lot of work and hours of study but the mastery of the task seemed much slower. But without learning French, we would not have functioned very well in west Africa.

As educational therapists, understanding the testing data of our students is vital for us as professionals. Testing helps us understand what's going on with our students which then equips us to design and implement affective educational therapy. If understanding that data has been a challenge for you, this webinar is for you. My goal is to provide some good review but then practice analyzing a student's initial report. Let's keep working on honing this skill. And as a good friend of mine recently told me, practice makes permanent!

About Your Instructor:

Connie Risser, PCET
Connie is the founder and director of the Joshua Institute which is designed to help students with learning difficulties. Her career began in 2004 after it was discovered that both her daughter and son struggled with dyslexia. Her journey began not only to find out how to help her own children thrive in school but to help others as well. She is a professionally certified educational therapist with a master’s degree in special education. She is an instructor for the National Institute for Learning Development as well as a coach and mentor for educators. She is also dyslexic which fuels her passion and vision for students who struggle to learn.

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