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Building Success Skills Through Academic Instruction

Webinar Overview

Educators have known for millennia that it takes more than cognitive skills to achieve in academics and life. Some have called this extra factor to success character, values, morals, or ethics. However, these describe general traits or beliefs. The term “success skills” has come in recent years to incorporate all of the above qualities into demonstrable skills students need to succeed in every aspect of life and especially in academics. Also, success skills should be taught as part of the typical curriculum in order to show students the relevancy and importance of these skills during their academic and eventually, in their professional careers.

The webinar participants will:

  • Know and understand the importance of fostering success skills in students
  • Know and understand Four basic tenets of success skills building
  • Recall the four major categories of success skills
  • Know and understand the basic steps in combining Success Skill training with academic instruction at the primary, middle school, and secondary levels
  • Apply the knowledge and skills from the webinar to real life scenarios

Instructors: Dr. Alan Arroyo & Dr. George Selig

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