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Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture

Webinar Overview

This presentation is created to help educators understand the impact of trauma on the brain and how you can create a culture in your classroom that helps students feel safe, loved, and given opportunities to heal and grow.

About Your Instructor:

Rebecca Minnette

Rebecca Minnette grew up in Boise where she is the 2nd of 7 children. Her parents, both native Idahoans, were the pastors of a small church while Rebecca was growing up. Her father did prison ministry and her home was always open for the weary and broken to come for a visit or sometimes even for an extended stay. It was within this context that Rebecca was first exposed to a world that was broken. A world where people were being hurt by other people, whether intentional or not. A world with victims and people struggling to survive the impact of their life's circumstances. Her heart has always been for the most broken and the most vulnerable and in college, this led her to a decade of service to the Boys & Girls Club - providing a place for kids from the most difficult circumstances to feel safe and loved and valued. Before "trauma-informed" was a phrase she had ever heard, Rebecca was entrenched in learning and researching how kids not only survive but can thrive after experiencing a lifetime of trauma. Rebecca graduated from BSU with a BA in Youth Development. For the past 13 yrs, she has been a children's pastor and substitute teacher, daily entrenched in the life of what it means to be a kid in today's world and in the public school system. Rebecca lives in Nampa with her wonderful husband and 2 middle school daughters. They love camping, hiking, and hanging out with grandparents and LOTS of aunts, uncles, and cousins!

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