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Dealing with Fallout from COVID-19: The Impact of Mental Health Issues on Learning

Webinar Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a mental health crisis. Rates of depression and anxiety are rising for all ages, including our school-aged youth. This webinar will focus on the impact of mental health for youth and resulting learning issues. Dr. Trina Young Greer will describe signs and symptoms of various mental health issues, impact on learning, and practical accommodations for students.

About Your Instructor:

Dr. Trina Young Greer

Dr. Trina Young Greer is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She earned her Doctorate of Psychology degree from Regent University, and her Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.) from The College of William and Mary. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Genesis Counseling Center ( of Southeast Virginia. Genesis Counseling Center is a multi-site outpatient counseling center with over 45 licensed clinicians who assist clients in thriving in life. Dr. Greer specializes in serving youth with best practice therapy and assessment.

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