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Executive Function - Air Traffic Control

Webinar Overview

Executive function strategies are an important foundation for helping children grow and develop their academic skills as well as building their confidence levels.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to implement and build an executive function culture in your classroom
  • Explore how to foster strategies that will create confident and resilient LD students which create open gateways to success
  • Enable your students to recognize how to use these strategies in working with their weaknesses and strengths to improve grades

About Your Instructor:

Mary-Lou Maclean, Executive Director, NILD Canada
In education for over 25 years, Mary-Lou has taught elementary, high school and college level classes. While teaching high school she became interested in helping students who had learning challenges and trained as an educational therapist through NILD Canada. She found a true passion in helping struggling learners and has worked with children from every educational background: public school, Christian school and home school. She now works as the Executive Director for NILD Canada and teaches parents and educators during summer courses how to work with children who have learning challenges.

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