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Giftedness and Twice Exceptionality

Webinar Overview

This workshop discusses two topics that often intersect as well – giftedness and twice-exceptionality (2e). Learn how to identify giftedness in a student as well as students who may be gifted along with having a learning disability. Discover how to work with gifted and 2e students using effective cognitive and non-cognitive strategies. We will unpack topics such as communication, underachievement, self-management, perfectionism, peer relations, and effective interventions.

About Your Instructor:

Mary-Lou Maclean - Executive Director, NILD Canada

Mary-Lou’s passion is helping struggling learners reach their full potential. For over twenty-five years, she has worked in the field of education, teaching high school, college, and working as an educational therapist. After training to become an educational therapist through NILD Canada, Mary-Lou continued on to work with many students for over fourteen years in the school setting as well as a private therapist. Her second passion is training educators and parents to work with LD children and she became an instructor with NILD Canada working in their summer graduate program. She is now Executive Director for NILD Canada (National Institute for Learning Development-Canada) She continues to teach, instruct, and travels to conferences across Canada.

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