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How to Talk About NILD Educational Therapy So People Listen

September 20, 2023 | 12:00 PM - America/New_York

Do you wish people better understood the impact NILD Educational Therapy brings to the students you serve?

Thankfully there is a simple formula to follow that allows you to give your “pitch” so people stop lumping you in with other tutoring or special needs programs.

By having confidence in how you explain “what do you do” and knowing what to say every time, people will quickly see how you are different. Armed with the right message, you’ll reach more parents, reach more kids, and expand your impact.

“How to talk about NILD so people listen” is brought to you by Leah Muhlenfeld and Matt Carroll, marketing and communication experts who spearheaded NILD’s latest brand update and website.

Leah Muhlenfeld

Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant

Leah Muhlenfeld brings over 2 decades experience across agency, client-side, and start-ups; Leah helps businesses understand how their brand and marketing fits in with their big picture business objectives. 

Matt Carroll 

StoryBrand Guide & Copywriter

With over 20 years' experience creating content for large and small organizations, Matt loves helping small businesses win. His super power is taking complex ideas and turning them into easily digestible content.

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