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Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment

Webinar Overview

Focusing primarily on a student’s areas of difficulty does not necessarily lead to better learning outcomes. Surprisingly, research shows that this common approach may actually have negative consequences. This NILD presentation will discuss Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment and the creation of strength-based goals. What are the qualities of strength-based goals? How do I make them meaningful and effective? Based on years of resiliency research, learn how identifying core protective factors such as perseverance, motivation, a supportive family, and the school setting are critically important. These strengths can be recognized and harnessed. Discover how a strengths-based approach to goal setting retains the same expectations for your student’s progress while providing additional benefits.

  • How much time was spent on a student’s strengths in a recent team meeting?
  • How much was written about a student’s strengths in the assessment report?
  • What are the benefits of a strengths-based approach?
  • Do you know the core protective factors for students with learning difficulties?
  • How can focusing on the student’s deficits actually inhibit learning and skill development?
  • How do I write strength-based goals and recommendations?

About Your Instructor:

Marion Marshall, MS, BCET, FAET
Board Certified Educational Therapist #10176
Fellow of Educational Therapy (awarded for exceptional contributions to the field)
Emerita Professor from Holy Names University (HNU) in Oakland, CA
Outstanding Faculty Award
Holy Names University 2018
Former Director of the HNU Educational Therapy Program
Former Clinical Director of the Raskob Learning Institute
Holds regular & Special Education teaching credentials
Has taught in both public and independent schools as a Resource Specialist and Learning Specialist
A parent of a child with special needs informed her work
Author of multiple articles in the AET Journal
Author of Assessment in Educational Therapy (Routledge, 2020)

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