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Promoting & Coaching Executive Functioning in the Classroom, ET Station & Beyond (Part 2 of 2)

Webinar Overview

We are pleased to announce this two-part Webinar series, Promoting & Coaching Executive Functioning in the Classroom, ET Station & Beyond. This series is an excellent resource for Educational Therapists, General Education Teachers, Administrators and academic support professionals alike! [Note: Part 1 must be purchased separately]

Part 2 of 2: Join us for this 60-minute webinar including Q&A as we:

  • Explore ways to create a school-wide culture of strategy use and a classroom culture that promotes Executive Functioning development.
  • Discuss strategies for the classroom or ET station that can benefit all students,including those with learning differences and EF challenges.
  • Discover keys to success for coaching Executive Functioning with students, goal setting, and enhancing motivation!
  • Review characteristics of effective coaches.

About Your Instructor:

Shannon Kuschel, NILD PCET
Shannon Kuschel is the Research and Development Coordinator for NILD, as well as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Psychology & Counseling at Regent University. She has spent more than twenty years working with children, their families, and schools specializing in ADHD, dyslexia and other learning differences, as well as trauma and grief recovery. She has worked as a School Counselor and Principal of Christian Schools in Florida and Virginia. Currently she also provides consultation services to schools on a variety of topics. Her passion is to help all children learn to their potential so that they may walk confidently into their futures and life callings for the glory of God.
She has earned a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia, and a Certified Educational Therapist. She is currently a doctoral student at Regent University, pursuing a Ph. D. in Education with concentrations in Educational Psychology & Special Education. Shannon has a passion for interdisciplinary research in the fields of neuroscience and education.

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