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Search & Teach: Bridging to Gray Matter and ET Techniques

Webinar Overview

How do we transition students from Search & Teach to Educational Therapy? We don’t have to try to figure it out on our own. There are already components built into our present techniques, we just need to look for them. We will shine a light on these hidden gems.

Educational Therapists will be able to easily transition their Search & Teach students into Educational Therapy by:

  • Understanding how to modify specific Educational Therapy techniques
  • Following the grouping of development in the Gray Matter Cognitive Literacy Approach
  • Individualizing our already prescriptive approach to address the needs of transitioning S/T students

About Your Instructor:

Jeanann Kodya, B.A., PCET

Jeanann received her BA in Special Education with a certification in Mental Retardation and a minor in Learning Disabilities from Lynchburg College and taught LD in a self-contained classroom in an at-risk middle school in Virginia Beach. She knew she had found her calling when she watched her first NILD Educational Therapy session and was convinced that this was the answer for children and adults who had learning difficulties. She has been blessed to be an Educational Therapist for 26 years, starting first at Norfolk Christian Schools. As the NILD Discovery Program transitioned from Norfolk Christian, Jeanann became a member of the Discovery Program Leadership team. She continued in her passion for working with at-risk children at Park Place School, founded by NILD, Norfolk Christian, and Urban Ministries. She also worked with a program modeled after Park Place, in a Newport News public school, as well as at-risk students in the Chesapeake Public School. Jeanann piloted the NILD RX Reading and GET workshops and taught Level 1 courses at Regent University. She has enjoyed teaching SEARCH & TEACH and all the RX workshops for NILD for 17 years throughout the United States and Internationally. Additionally, Jeanann has compiled data for NILD research and worked on teams to develop new NILD curriculum. She recently accepted the position as the Discovery Program Coordinator at the NILD headquarters.

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