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Speaking the Language of Math

Webinar Overview

The learner will develop math language fluency strategies specific to our primary students by learning more about:

  • Explicit and intentional math language instruction, beginning with even the youngest mathematicians
  • Tackling the contextual and precision challenges of becoming a fluent math speaker
  • The role of mediated learning in math language development
  • Training our students to have a positive math mindset, molding mistakes into solutions
  • Ongoing anecdotal assessment through language-driven tools like math interviews and math talks
  • Practical, effective, and FUN ways to incorporate math language fluency into your math block through play

About Your Instructor:

Katie Smith, M.Ed., PCET
Katie is an enthusiastic educator, serving and developing students for the past 14 years as a classroom teacher, mentor teacher, district-level math curriculum specialist, and presently, as an educational therapist. As both a parent and educator of students with learning differences, she is passionate about building competence and confidence in all learners. Katie is a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist, has 6 years of NILD educational therapy experience, and currently serves students at a private, Christ-centered, college-preparatory school in The Woodlands, Texas.

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